Christina K. Hopkins


I am a mommy of two girls, an easy/traditional/whole-food-foodie and currently venturing (with hubby) into becoming a hobby “pharmist” with my family. We are re-doing a century old farm house and barn, so you’ll see some décor/reno posts that I may be crying out for help with. 😛

  I attended school in Nutrition and Holistic Cooking that brought light to how we as a society consume food and ride on fad diets. I do not have a sick story that has brought me to this passion of clean, whole, traditional eating, but I have a reason – prevention. I want my family and myself to excel at our best and stay disease free. I want my children to grow up to be strong and I want to educate them on how to choose their foods when they eat out and how to prepare and make their foods at home – for themselves and their families. Teaching them that who we are today and what we consume, will effect each generation after us. 

I would love to guide, refresh and create a new love of food in the home. I would like to make traditional and whole eating fun and easier for those who are setting out to find a new way of nourishing or healing themselves and their families. Offer new ideas and new ways of preparing your favorite dishes to compliment your health. 


Wholicious Baby is not only a large part of my blog, I feel that it is also one of the most important parts. Since I had my baby girl, Josephine (I also have my second baby girl, Scarlett) – my entire life changed. I experienced the whirlwind of emotions that any mother would with their first baby – empowerment, confusion, happiness, distress and at the best times, tired. I however, I was certain of my choices for the first, most vital years of my baby’s life. I knew from the depths of my soul how I wanted to raise and feed my child(ren). Long before I was pregnant, I delved into books, research papers and websites and I steered my attention and learning towards the baby/child nutrition classes in school.  When I had Josie, everything became clear on how I wanted to raise her (with a heap of lessons from her here and there). I still continue to read and gather information about infants and would love to offer insight to more mothers and fathers raising their beautiful children. I want parents to feel secure with the choices they make for their baby and I want to help be that stream of information and research that makes every parent confident in making their own decisions.

So to all you parents out there remember; making informed decisions based on research will give you confidence and empowerment to continue making the necessary (and sometimes difficult) choices for your children. No one knows your children and your parental intuition better than yourself.  


Why Traditional Eating?

I believe people who do not suffer from autoimmune disorders, mental health issues and do not have a serious gut disorder, should practice a more traditional, whole food diet. The importance lies within the necessity to populate the gut and large intestine with good bacteria, to introduce mineral and vitamin-power-packed foods to the body systems, to boost better digestion and to help your body absorb the right nutrition more effectively. Adopting a whole food diet is what will help you age gracefully, bear healthy, strong babies and heal minor issues (i.e., skin problems, “foggy brain,” sleep issues, joint pain, seasonal depression, feeling low or irritability among many more). 

I do believe that people who are struggling with any of the above larger issues (autoimmune disorders, mental health issues etc.) should stick to more specific diets such as Gluten Free, Paleo/Primal, GAPS or even Raw (which I also offer heaps of recipes for!). These types of diets would be most beneficial to ease and perhaps eventually correct various body issues. Thank goodness there are so many wonderful blogs out there now which specialize in just that (please see some of my favourites listed below). This is also why I call my blog, Traditional Eating for a New Age. I want to incorporate fresh juices, grain-free baked goods, whole food recipes and cleansing programs for a healthy lifestyle. Incorporating these new ways of eating and cleaning your body is such a great way to clear (detox) and give ease to your digestive systems, that I feel most people living today need. One way of eating sometimes isn’t enough, good contributions from various ways of eating or cleansing are necessary today.

We don’t want to seek out help only when something is wrong with us? Why wouldn’t we want to embrace healthy choices in our everyday life? Keep ourselves energized, free of disease, able to fend off flus and colds, keeping our face, body and hair glowing, maintaining healthy circulation, keen eye sight and sharp hearing will allow us happiness and the ability to maintain a positive attitude to pass on to our children and others. We see all these positive, inspirational “MEME’s” (pictures with quotes) plastered everywhere in social media every day, but the first step to really seeing, believing and living those inspirations comes from what you put in your mouth. We are what we eat, and we portray that in our everyday life. 

Let’s start taking initiative in the choices we make. Let’s fight off the “white food” temptation by having something just as yummy as well as rewarding to your health and your whole being.


Because everything is better with an easier way. Especially when you have kids! 😛

Everything is better with a touch of beauty too….don’t hesitate to get creative!

What is Traditional Eating?

My favourite blogs for people who need strict Paleo/Primal, Gluten Free, Gaps or Raw diets for healing or specific diet regulations due to illness.


Gluten Free





Wholicious is brining joy back into the kitchen. Cooking & creating food will be easy, delightful & especially delicious! Leaving you excited to prepare yours, a friends or your family’s next meal. Wholicious recipes are here to help you simply prepare foods to heal your entire being, to help bring your body back into balance & harmony in a delectable way. Wholicious baby recipes will help every momma open her eyes to how easy making delicious nutrient dense baby food can be .How important these foods are for the wellbeing, strength and brain growth of your child(ren). Don’t be afraid to get creative! ღTina