Real Fruit Rocket Pops

  The real fruit rocket pops of the summer! I am sure we can all reminisce about how much we loved those (once thought of as tasty) popsicle treats, or at least remember them from school or the local convenience stores. I wanted to re-create somewhat of the same idea but using real fruits and a […]

Raw Key Lime Pie

This raw key lime pie recipe is dedicated to my momma. She was the inspiration and had the creative mind for this fresh, smooth and decadent piece of heaven. We have been making it close to three years now for baby showers, birthdays and family get-togethers. Every time a good handful of people ask for this recipe, […]

French Vanilla Pound Cake

Welcome to your new favourite cake recipe, he-he. This grain-free vanilla pound cake is so light and extremely versatile. I made this wonderfully light flavoured, vanilla pound cake for my little girls first birthday, and it was such a delight to watch how much she enjoyed it. I use raw honey to sweeten, so this […]

Chocolate Nut Butter Cookies (grain-free)

These chocolate butter cookies are a light delightful cookie to have hanging around the house for a snack, when friends come over or with a cup of tea in the evening. If you can muster up the desire to have chocolate in the morning, these protein (yep, protein in these cookies) chocolate butter cookies will be […]

Salted Butter Pecan Ice Cream (dairy-free)

Ice cream has been one of my favourite treats, especially in the summer time. Who doesn’t like a cool, creamy treat during those warm months? Unfortunately my body doesn’t share this love, and its claimed a number of reactions when I decide to go in for a sweet dairy ice cream treat. My husband’s body has also […]


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