Stewed Plums for Baby

  Stewed Plums, When my little girl was starting her first foods I wanted to make sure I tired to incorporate an array of different textures and flavours. She seemed to enjoy absolutely everything I put on her plate, including these stewed plums. I had a little eating monster on my hands and she dived […]

Fried Bananas for Baby

  Fried bananas are such a delicate naturally sweet treat. They are good for babies, and mommas too. You can fry them up with grass-fed homemade raw butter, or you can use grass fed ghee, coconut oil or even…. organic, grass-fed, nitrate free bacon fat! YUM! The importance of good clean fat in yours and your baby’s diet is […]

Homemade Cinnamon Apple Sauce

    This is a mommy favourite, I do however suggest not starting apple sauce or any high fibre fruits or veggies till after the first couple weeks of solids. Why I suggest this is because when you start your baby off on solids, you must also remember to start them on a daily intake of filtered, clean water. Now that […]

Avocado Cherry Pudding

  This creamy avocado cherry pudding is a perfect breakfast, lunch or even dinner for babes 6 months and over. I do however suggest slowly introducing single whole foods at a time before blending a handful of foods into one meal. This will allow you to observe your babies reactions and allow you to pinpoint exactly […]

Banana Coconut Thumb-Print Cookies

    Cookies! And they’re grain free! Oh the delight I had making these and giving them to Josie when she was 7months old. We are so lucky Josie loves to eat! She hoovers down anything that is in front of her without hesitation – ahh, the feeling of complete and utter trust. We are […]


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