Sunshine Goji and Turmeric Milk

This power milk with turmeric and goji berries is a true tonic in that it can aid in boosting the immune system and to help heal yourself when ill.  Turmeric is sought after and used as a beauty tonic, aiding in the healing of joints, skin and used for its high antioxidant levels to help fight off free-radical […]

Warming Apple Pie Smoothie

Have you had your apple-a-day yet? Switch it up by adding your apples into this delicious apple pie smoothie. You can make stewed apples or add some of your homemade apple sauce. While it is high fibre thanks to our apples and flax, this smoothie also contains heart healthy fats thanks to our nut milk and these little seeds of […]

Homemade Almond Milk

This homemade almond milk is smooth and velvety. It beats store bought in taste and nutrition any day. While store bought almond milk contains ingredients like; INULIN,TRICALCIUM PHOSPHATE, SOY LECITHIN, NATURAL FLAVORS, GELLAN GUM, CARRAGEENAN…and most times is fortified or enriched with vitamins and calcium. This essentially means during the processing it was removed and the nutrient was then added back into the milk. Isolating these […]

Homemade Cinnamon Apple Sauce

    This is a mommy favourite, I do however suggest not starting apple sauce or any high fibre fruits or veggies till after the first couple weeks of solids. Why I suggest this is because when you start your baby off on solids, you must also remember to start them on a daily intake of filtered, clean water. Now that […]

Avocado Cherry Pudding

  This creamy avocado cherry pudding is a perfect breakfast, lunch or even dinner for babes 6 months and over. I do however suggest slowly introducing single whole foods at a time before blending a handful of foods into one meal. This will allow you to observe your babies reactions and allow you to pinpoint exactly […]


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