Pecan Crusted ‘Fried’ Chicken

                        This dish is a simple healthy twist to the famous fried chicken. Such an impressive flavour, especially with a savoury sauce to compliment the rich sweet oils. Lemon is a nice touch to cut the pecan oils and provide the palate with a satisfying mix […]

Chicken Baby Burgers – For The Family Too!

  Mommies and Daddies share a common interest when it comes to our children. We want to feed our little tots food just like us, but healthier! Sometimes I take a step back and realize, I should be eating more of the foods I’m feeding my baby girl. OH, how I’d love to have my […]

Creamy Custard

  My favourite creamy breakfast. Custards filled with raw milk, cream and our favourite power food – egg yolks! This is a great warm treat during the winter and a fabulous way to incorporate the high vitamin D, choline and iron that comes in pastured yolks of an egg. I know many people go threw a hard […]


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