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    Raw Key Lime Pie

    This raw key lime pie recipe is dedicated to my momma. She was the inspiration and had the creative mind for this fresh, smooth and decadent piece of heaven. We have been making it close to three years now for baby showers, birthdays and family get-togethers. Every time a good handful of people ask for this recipe, […]

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    Marinated BBQ Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps

       This, right here is my kind of deal. Hello easy and delicious! I am so pumped at how these BBQ Thai chicken lettuce wraps came out, Thai is a big deal in my household; as in me, myself and I -hah. My hubby unfortunately doesn’t quite share the love of the savory, authentic flavours Thai creates with their dishes. […]

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    Fresh Green Vegetable Soup with Roasted Garlic and Shredded Chicken.

        Being spring time out, I’ve been craving some serious greens! This green vegetable soup was my answer. I want to get our gardens made at our new house and plant all sorts of glorious veggies and fruit. Farmers Markets are just starting to open their stalls on our streets on weekends and I cant wait […]

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    French Vanilla Pound Cake

    Welcome to your new favourite cake recipe, he-he. This grain-free vanilla pound cake is so light and extremely versatile. I made this wonderfully light flavoured, vanilla pound cake for my little girls first birthday, and it was such a delight to watch how much she enjoyed it. I use raw honey to sweeten, so this […]

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    Salted Butter Pecan Ice Cream (dairy-free)

    Ice cream has been one of my favourite treats, especially in the summer time. Who doesn’t like a cool, creamy treat during those warm months? Unfortunately my body doesn’t share this love, and its claimed a number of reactions when I decide to go in for a sweet dairy ice cream treat. My husband’s body has also […]

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    Falafels with Spicy Yogurt-Cheese Dip

    If you are a fan of Indian cuisine, you will love these flavourful high protein falafels. If you are uncertain if you would enjoy Indian flavours, this is the perfect recipe to whip-up and let your palate explore the delicious flavours. These falafels are mild, nutty and my spicy yogurt cheese compliments them exquisitely.  My daughter loves to dip food items, thanks to her […]

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    Strawberry Lime Heart Pops

          I decided to make a fresh easy popsicle, like these strawberry lime pops, to finally welcome spring to our area. Strawberries are just coming into season down south and I know my little one is always craving this juicy, sweet berry. This recipe also incorporates ground chia seed, homemade kefir (or you can use coconut […]

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    Sunday Morning, Chocolate-Chip Pancakes (grain-free)

    Good Morning! Welcome to the easiest, delicious grain-free, Sunday morning chocolate-chip, fluffy pancake recipe. Let me also mention, high in protein and always a morning crowd pleaser when served with some crunchy traditionally raised, nitrate free bacon, fresh fruit, maple syrup and maybe even some homemade chutney, jam or yogurt! This meal makes you feel so refreshed, spoiled, (if you are lucky […]


Christina Hopkins"My joy is to create food to help bring back whole, delicious, traditional eating into your home. Creating and sharing recipes from my kitchen to yours to naturally help balance, heal and energize families and babies. I incorporate Paleo & Gluten-free for grain sensitive people like myself. My site is for the love of real food, wellbeing and happiness."


Healing Broth, The Benefits

  Bone Broths  Broths and stocks are a delicious warm liquid to drink not only when feeling ill, but as often as daily. This rich, tasty liquid provides so many vital nutrients, minerals and important amino acids. It seems our world today has forgotten how easy we can help heal and improve our health by […]


Pecan Crusted ‘Fried’ Chicken

                        This dish is a simple healthy twist to the famous fried chicken. Such an impressive flavour, especially with a savoury sauce to compliment the rich sweet oils. Lemon is a nice touch to cut the pecan oils and provide the palate with a satisfying mix […]


Banana Coconut Thumb-Print Cookies

    Cookies! And they’re grain free! Oh the delight I had making these and giving them to Josie when she was 7months old. We are so lucky Josie loves to eat! She hoovers down anything that is in front of her without hesitation – ahh, the feeling of complete and utter trust. We are […]

chocolate pudding

Afternoon Delight, Chocolate Pudding

I love chocolate. I love pudding. Together, they simply equal magic! (Enter fireworks) This is an online foodie favourite. Unfortunately store bought pudding is such a disappointment. So many ingredients, so much sugar, so many unpronounceable words; I find myself standing in the aisle wondering  WHY would that even be in a pudding? Just to […]

baby burgers nutritious

Chicken Baby Burgers – For The Family Too!

  Mommies and Daddies share a common interest when it comes to our children. We want to feed our little tots food just like us, but healthier! Sometimes I take a step back and realize, I should be eating more of the foods I’m feeding my baby girl. OH, how I’d love to have my […]


Raspberry, Banana Dairy-Free Custards

  These have got to be one of my favourites. I love, love the texture of custards. I usually make custards with egg yolk, raw cream and raw milk, but I had a few people ask if I could make a custard that is dairy free? This is a perfect recipe for whole-food, dairy-free custards! The coconut milk and bananas do wonders for a smooth […]


Blueberry Lemon Muffins (grain-free)

 Move over coffee shop, these blueberry lemon muffins are tastier, take no time to pop in the oven and are way healthier for your body and soul.      The smell of freshly baked muffins in the morning, the most heavenly sent! These beautiful, moist, light muffins are the perfect start to anyone’s day. They are […]


Creamy Custard

  My favourite creamy breakfast. Custards filled with raw milk, cream and our favourite power food – egg yolks! This is a great warm treat during the winter and a fabulous way to incorporate the high vitamin D, choline and iron that comes in pastured yolks of an egg. I know many people go threw a hard […]


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