Three Short reasons; Why Local, Why Organic?

 I have so often been asked the question, why do you always eat organic? Or why do you spend all that extra money and time buying raw milk or grass fed beef? Here are just a couple reasons that sometimes clean eating comes before anything else.

14955200_s1. Organic and local clean farmed food contains more nutrients in every bite. You and your children will ingest more minerals and vitamins into your bodies with every meal. This in turn will help build your immune systems, help fight off colds, flu’s and any other types of infection. These healthier choices contain more amazing fats, vitamins, oils and minerals which will help build or repair the brain, help improve attention span, focus, memory and ultimately will improve grades, success and happiness in your children’s lives.



 2. Clean chemical free farming protects the world you and your children live in. Chemical-free farmed land stores a mass amount of carbon, which means the soils fertility increases as much as 120% compared to a mere 30% on chemically loaded soil with no living organisms. These healthy fields with loads more living organisms and carbon not only supply healthier food but is helping to stop global climate change. Insects, wild birds and butterflies are twice as many around organic fields. Every time we eat organic, we are helping restore wildlife.


3. Local chemical free and organic food is clean. These crops don’t contribute to polluting our ground water or our fresh drinking water. Diseases documented like Hodgkin’s lymphoma, lymphomas, myeloma and cancers such as stomach, breast, testicular and prostate are all linked to ingesting and being around the chemicals used to produce conventional crops. Organic farming reduces all risks associated with these GM (genetically modified) crops.


 By consuming organic, clean, locally farmed food we can individually make a difference, not only for ourselves and our children, but for our environment where we all want our children, as well as the each generations down the road, to have the right to live and flourish.








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Sandra Steingraber, American biologist and cancer survivor. Lectures and writes about environmental links to cancer. Author of “Having Faith”

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