What is Traditional Eating?

What is Traditional Eating?

Traditional eating is just that, foods from generations back. Simply, it is the foods our ancestors consumed. Traditional foods are extremely nutrient dense and provide your body with whole vitamins, and minerals. Traditional eating is more than avoiding packaged and processed foods. It allows you to choose what foods are best for your budget, your body make-up and climate you are living, consuming it in a way to allow your body to extract the most vital nutrition from that food. Most of us in North America are fortunate enough to be able to get our hands on all of the traditional “power foods”. Here is a short list of traditional, nutrient dense foods that will be incorporated in many of my recipes on this blog.

 Traditional Foods:

Raw milk and cream

Raw cheeses

Raw butter

Homemade yogurt and Kefir’s

Traditionally raised (grass-fed), additive-free meats (chicken, beef, bacon, salami, turkey)

Wild sustainably caught sea food (fish, shellfish)

Homemade bone broths (gravies, sauces, soups)

Dark green vegetables

Natural herbs and spices

Cold pressed olive oil, virgin coconut oil and ghee

Eggs from free-range, pastured hens

Lacto-fermented veggies and drinks

Nuts and seeds

*Sour dough breads

Kelp/sea/Himalayan salts

Organic fruits

Organic veggies

*Organ meats (liver pate)

Grade 2 (b) or 3 (c) pure maple syrup

Raw honey

 *Now, I try my hardest to eat and like organ meats when I have the chance, it’s a difficult feat for me, but I am staying open. I won’t have too many organ meat recipes on here, sorry in advance. I do make a liver pate which is quite yummy. I also eat more a more grain-free diet, so when I do add bread, bun or cereal recipes they will be prepared properly with soaking and fermenting for way of easy digestion and nutrition absorption.




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